goldfishI’ve traveled to lots of different places, worked with all sorts of people, and filled lots of different professional roles. As a result, I have a unique perspective on most things. I take those varied experiences and bring them together into a creative approach to finding personal and organizational success.

I do consulting work across a broad spectrum:

  • Communications – developing print materials and branding, but particularly in websites and other technology.
  • Design and Illustration Work – mostly for my own projects, but I do some work for hire as well.
  • Organizational Development – improving organizational health, strategic planning, and leadership.
  • Ministry – working with churches and faith-based organizations in communications, pastoral interim periods, preaching, and spiritual development.
  • Coaching – helping individuals and leaders grow both personally and professionally, becoming better at what they do or navigating life and career changes.
  • Entrepreneurship – helping new ideas come to fruition, identifying opportunities and pitfalls, and developing solid plans from concept to production.
  • Project Management – I am a certified Project Management Professional and Certified Scrum Master. I understand how to get things done.

I also have several workshops that focus on specific issues and needs.

What’s my approach? It’s not really magic. It’s called a RELATIONSHIP.

If you want a canned solution at a fixed price, buy a book. 
I can even recommend a few, but that’s not what I do. Every situation is unique, with its own challenges and rewards, and I want to be right there with you. Success is about people and passion, and that’s where I connect.

“The ultimate client relationships are those in which [the consultant is] the wise person whose contributions are a synthesis of personal talents, organizational knowledge, and interpersonal relationships established with top management.” -Alan Weiss

This is a journey, and I’m a traveling companion and guide.
I am not a map.
That means I travel with you. Your success is my success.

You know your business. It’s what you do best, and that’s what you bring to the table. I know people, technology, and organizations. That’s what I bring to the table.
I won’t tell you how to do your job, but I can help you do it better.

A Note About Money

I charge for projects, not relationships.
When we work together, you get access to me. I’m there for you, and you can call me without worrying if I’ll bill you for “every hour or part of an hour.” I want to be valuable to you, and I can’t be valuable if you wonder how much it will cost every time you pick up the phone. When a specific need comes up, we’ll work together to design a project and you can pay for that. If you need something more, like a scheduled monthly consultation or a monthly site visit by me, then you can pay for that. I measure my value by your success, and not how many hours I spent with you.
If you need something, call or e-mail me.

It’s OUR problem. Not mine alone. Not yours alone.

When we address an issue, we will look for the best solution for your needs and we’ll do it together. I don’t bring the latest ABC acronym methodology to force upon you (“When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.”). To be honest, my brain doesn’t think in terms of “silver bullet” solutions and instruments. There is undeniable value in those tools, but I tend to think of consulting as much more of an art than science. People and organizations are complex things to be handled with care and respect. Like me, they don’t always fit into neat little boxes.