Organizational Development

Sometimes, I’m asked to help organizations change by working with a small group of leaders or the entire organization in order to:

  • help inspire and navigate transformations in people and organizations.
  • guide high-performing teams in seeing possibilities instead of limitations.
  • show organizations how to not only survive cultural changes but how to thrive as a result.
  • work with leaders to develop authenticity in organizations, both in their strategic vision and their individuals.
  • create better communication in organizations. Better communication leads to better results.
  • help leaders understand what their people are thinking and how to motivate them.


I help people dream big.

They call it “out of the box” thinking for a reason. It’s because there is a big freaking box, and most of the world is stuck in it. For whatever reason, they have sacrificed vision for complacency and can’t see beyond their own cubicles. If you really want to step out and risk something new, I can help you find it.

I help teams perform better and reach higher.

Good teams can happen by accident. Great teams are made. Even if you have the right people, you have to teach them to communicate, work, and dream together. Don’t just put them in a room or send them away for a weekend and hope for the best. Make your own magic.

I help people in organizations understand each other.

We often hear “They just don’t speak the same language. Nobody understands them.” It has become a cliche to paint technology people with the brush of “nerdspeak,” but communication gaps exist at all levels of an organization. I stand in the gaps between people with a vision and the people they trust to make that vision a reality. I like to think of it as “finding the common ground among extraordinary minds.

I help organizations and people find their passions.

Do you believe in what you do?
Does your organization have a vision and, more importantly, do your people share that vision?
Is everyone in the right place?
Common struggles include:

  • “Lack of buy-in.” People who don’t share your passion don’t support important projects. They destroy from within.
  • Square pegs. Sometimes the person that “doesn’t fit” is not the wrong person, but a person in the wrong job. Sometimes that person is you. (Take it from a card-carrying square peg. Those people are not performing at their best because they don’t feel like they belong.)
  • Ignorance is not bliss. Do you know what your people are thinking? Do they know something that you don’t, but either cannot or will not communicate with you?

Look at it this way – if your water cooler could talk, what would it say? I can help you find out.

I help leaders lead.

Everyone gets to a position where they think “How did I get here? Can I really do this job?” The answer is: Yes, you can. You can be the leader that the organization needs, but you may need a little help. Think of me as your thinking partner, sounding board, coach, or magic mirror.