DIY Embossing

So, I have a thing about personalized stationery – notecards, specifically. I’ve made several of my own monograms and imprinted them on notecards. Over the years, I think I’ve had 3 different custom monograms ranging from abstract to fancy. None of them have really stuck.

Lately, I’ve been in more of a what-you-see-is-what-you-get phase of life. It seems like just have stationery that says “Jay” is sufficient. I’ve had an idea about do-it-yourself embossing, and here are the results. The process and results aren’t perfect, but I think the method has promise. Here is my personal embosser, Mark I:



To the embosser – bent and glued paper clips on a walnut (very hard wood) base with the reverse carved by hand:


Pressed into cardstock to get the final result:


Voila! Custom notecards. If you get a note from me in the near future, it will probably be on this stationery. Not perfect, but I’d say pretty good.

And cheap. Cheap is good.


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