The Important Stuff



Just recently, I started my “free day” earlier than usual and hit the ground running.  I had a lot to do and a schedule to keep.  I started by straightening up the house.  Then, I cleared off the mountain of junk that had accumulated on the kitchen table.  I set up tables and chairs for an evening gathering.  I kept moving towards the shower, again much earlier than usual for a free day.  Next, I burst out of the house to pick up a few grocery items, exchange cars with my wife, get gas, hit the bank, and leave town by 9:45 so I could make a lunch appointment by 11:00.  I had 70 miles to go for my first destination and another 40 to go for my second appointment before heading 100+ miles back home for an afternoon deadline.  I was a man with a mission.

Luckily, I came to my senses before I even left town.  While standing at the gas pump, the little wise man in my head emerged to ask:

“What are you doing?”

 Getting gas so I can get out of town.


So I can have lunch with a friend  ((Israel Galindo is one of my favorite people. You can find him here.)), drive to meet my sister, cook a bushel of crabs at her house, and get back home in time to serve them to some friends.

 “And this upsets you?”

What? No.  It doesn’t upset me.  Those are some of my favorite things.

 “Then why are you upset?”

Because I could be late!

You could be late, true.  However, your lunch date said “I’ll see you when I see you,” your sister has already offered to pick up the bushel of crabs for you, and your friends at home would totally adjust their schedule if you were running late.  It’s the start of the weekend, moron.  Everybody is happy to see you and flexible with their plans.  Just chill.”

And so I did.

Sometimes, we need to remember why we are doing a thing.  We need to keep the important stuff important. Otherwise, the “normal” life will convince you that your sole purpose in life is to to run errands, cook food, attend meetings, and generally exist in a state of panic and unrest.

What have you been doing lately? Why have you been doing it?  Take a look and see if it’s really important.  If it is, remind yourself why it’s important and change your attitude.  If it isn’t, try and change your options for actually doing it.

Let me know how it goes.






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