Laziness: The Weird Uncle of Invention


OK, this may rank up there with some of my more ridiculous schemes, but I get tired of holding my ipod touch while watching movies.  This allows me to relax more effectively, which is, of course, the real priority.

Conclusion: It’s a little too springy, so you have to sit pretty still while watching. Another generation of development may be in order. On the whole, however, it functions as designed. I used it laying down in bed last night and was quite satisfied with the results.

As usual, my wife laughed at me. Genius is never truly appreciated.

8 thoughts on “Laziness: The Weird Uncle of Invention

  1. ldh

    My 18 year old daughter thinks this is AWESOME!
    (stopping by from your sisters blog)I think this would have been helpful to her when she was snowshoeing 🙂

  2. jay Post author

    I bet that old dude could use some entertainment. As for snowshoeing, I would probably have to include a disclaimer against inappropriate uses.

  3. jay Post author

    Maybe not so sweet. From Gizmodo:
    The plastic window fades and distorts your video, which severely impairs the cinematic experience the As-Seen-on-TV Hat tries so very hard to provide. The magnifying glass is adjustable (you can move it closer or farther from your scared, stressed little eyes) but not removable, so you’re stuck with a distorted picture that was already blurry and faded from the plastic window covering your video-playing device.
    Oh, and you’ll definitely go both blind and celibate if you use this too long. It’s kind of a twofer that way.

  4. Melissa

    Oh, Jay! You make me laugh. I could totally see someone wearing that on a regular basis! Daniel and I are cracking up!