Father’s Day Toys

Long ago, my wife and I discovered that one of the keys to a happy marriage is to provide each other with lists of gift ideas or cold hard cash.  As callous as that sounds, I really enjoy my new Father’s Day gifts from my kids.  With a little judicious use of eBay, and I got three gifts for the price of one.  In addition to the Orange Box on Steam (which allows me to get my butt regularly kicked by the other Olde Fartz in Half Life 2 Deathmatch), I picked up these two items:

Superman Head Knocker

The Superman bobblehead, as shown here in its native habitat next to my Yoda bobblehead (I do NOT collect bobbleheads, by the way).  I was searching online for the Einstein Bobblehead from Night at the Museum, but they were sold out from the Smithsonian Store.  This was a good substitute.  I was most impressed by the quality of the sculpt and the material.  Both were much better than expected.

Captain Atom Figure

Adding to my ever-growing Justice League pantheon that lives atop my desk, I found this DC Universe series Captain Atom figure going cheap.  I think someone bought him looking for the build-a-figure part and then sold the remaining figure.  I like this line of DC figures very much, and I wish they weren’t so hard to find or expensive.

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