16 Random Things

Part of creating a blog was the desire to be like the cool kids.  They all seem to have them.  It also seems as though all the cool kids participate in these “random things about me” chain letters on facebook and the blogosphere.

I was really starting to feel left out, but Billy Flynn came through with an invitation.  I doubt if this makes me one of the cool kids, but I remain hopeful.

  1. I typically avoid this kind of forwarded e-mail / Facebook spam.
  2. I am an ordained Baptist Minister who now works in IT
  3. I have officiated at least 10 weddings. I forget exactly how many. The funeral count stands at 2.
  4. I weighed 4 ibs 8oz when I was born and was in an incubator for several weeks. When I asked my Mom how premature I was, she replied “I don’t know. I didn’t know I was pregnant until two months before you were born.” She thought I was a stomach tumor.
  5. I have a small plastic container which holds the metal plates and screws that were in my arm from 1984-1985.
  6. In college, I majored at different times in electronics, sculpture, business, theatre, and psychology, in which I earned my degree.
  7. At last count, I’ve travelled to 26 countries.  Most of Europe was covered while we lived in the Czech Republic for 2 years (maybe that should count as two entries).
  8. I do any sewing that needs to be done in our house, which means mainly buttons and holes.
  9. I taught my wife to cook. She’s now a much better cook than I.
  10. I have started three different businesses, with varying degrees of success.
  11. I cannot stand to have anyone or anything touch my collarbone. Intentionally doing so is an invitation for violence.
  12. I used to carry a yoyo with me at all times, but I can only make it “sleep” and “walk the dog.”
  13. I worked in a funeral home as a teenager. I saw some “interesting” things.
  14. I had a private personal tour of Jim Henson’s Creature Shop in London.
  15. I’m a bit of a completist when it comes to books. If I like an author or a particular book, chances are good that I will read all of its sequels. If I really like them, I’ll buy the whole series in hardback. There are some notable exceptions, however.
  16. In college, I sold my collection of over 700 comic books (bagged and boarded) for about $75. I have not bought an individual comic since.

8 thoughts on “16 Random Things

  • Re: #13. I worked as a sexton for two summers. I maintained the cemetery grounds and dug graves. I didn’t see much in the way of interesting, but there are days when I’d love to be doing that job again.

  • Someday I’ll have to write down for you my memories of when you were born. You were in the hospital for about a month as far as my memory serves me. Mom had to cut your Pampers in half to fit you.

  • Thomas Hagan

    Re: #4 I was 3lbs 5oz and was 2 months premature. Spent a lot of time in an incubator as well. Not sure if I was expected or a surprise. Parents always get hung up on the death of my twin at birth so they don’t like to discuss it.
    Re: #16 After 4 years of marriage sold a collection of 2700 comics for $1500.00. I then discovered bit torrent for my comic browsing needs.

    I’m a sucker for lists.

  • I’m almost the opposite on #15. I’ve read Ender’s Game, Dune, and Rendezvous with Rama, all of which initiate a series of books. And in each case, I don’t even own a copy of one of the followup novels. But I did finish Lord of the Rings.

  • jay

    Never read any of those, although I always felt I should try Dune. My “buy without knowing anything about the book” authors are Raymond Feist’s Magician series, Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files, and Robert Fulghum, although he maybe doesn’t count.

  • Mali

    Ummmm hello you forgot to include how you wore a fanny pack w/ 1 million zimbabwe dollars and you would say “Look I have a million dollar booty!”…also how you worked professional with a mullet w/beads sailor aka captain steve on a little sailboat for 1 week and while throwing up over the side of the sailboat loved commenting on the glowing neon sea swimming creatures….we all love our BSU memories Jay!

  • jay

    Wow, Mali. Now that’s what I call a time warp. I thought the comment related to my most recent post, and I kept wondering “How does this relate to my backyard swing?” Now I get it.

    And thanks. Cherished times. I’m glad some folks remember.

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